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    GameTracker New servers feature Top 15 players

    We are happy to announce the new feature for server owners: - Players top 15. See who is best players, total time spend on your server and total score.
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    GameTracker Today maintenance

    We will perform the required maintenance on our scanners, during this time all scanners will be unavailable for 1 hour or less to avoid bugs while we are upgrading the site.
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    GameTracker Today sync

    Update changelog: - My profile in navigation has been changed to Notifications - Fixed bug several page on mobile users (server_info, user control panel, private messages, quick reply on conversations), the banners on server info page on mobile was overflowing now it is scallable.
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    GameTracker New games supported

    The following list of new games are also supported: ArmA Armed Assault Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 America Army: Proving Grounds And Teamspeak 2 is also supported. Both of these are supported for ranking as well.
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    GameTracker Update changelog

    Update changelog: - Implemented new games - Implemented private messages function - Implemented server settings functions for server owners - Implemented rank system for all games. - Redesigned the core website cms.
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    GameTracker Updates today

    - Added query ports for game servers that uses specific ports for communications (ex: Teamspeak3, Teamspeak2 etc) - Resolved issue with scanners. - Resolved bug with confirm ownership. Our GameTracker now supports new games: Counter strike: Source ARMA 3 ARK: Survival Evolved San Andreas...
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    GameTracker Beta version released

    You can access the beta version by clicking here. Note: We will move current version of gametracker to the newest (beta version) and this change will take a while. During this time the website will be unavailable. Forum will be available.
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    Forum New policy for newly registered members

    Due to the recent spam bots that were advertised some sites, we changed and limited some settings for newly registered members based on user criteria: As Newly registered member you will not be able: - Edit or change your signature - Access to the profile post, manage and or delete it your own...
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    Forum Nove login metode

    Od danas možete se registrovati i najaviti putem svog vlastitog facebook naloga. Za sve probleme putem ove metode možete slati tiket na [email protected]
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    GameTracker Nova verzija GameTrackera (Early Preview)

    Uskoro će biti testiranje novog gametrackera, preview izgled nove verzije gametrackera. Za prijavljivanje za beta testiranje, javite se na mejl: [email protected]